Stilbaai Golf Club was founded in 1986 by a few golfers residing in Stilbaai.  With the help of the Municipality they obtained a portion of land for development as a golf club.

The course was designed by the members themselves and most of the founding members contributed directly to the building of the course.  The course was opened in 1987 in a very “raw” state.

The layout of the course has been changed over the years but has also improved in leaps and bounds.

As usual the coastal weather conditions have a big impact on how the course plays.

The original small clubhouse was a municipal building which was shared with other sport clubs such as tennis and angling.  Having been able to eventually purchase the land a beautiful new clubhouse was built on a site which provides magnificent views of the course and Stilbaai itself.

It is hoped that the course will be extended to an 18 hole facility in the future.  The club has ground available to do the extension and it would be a magnificent site, taking into account the views, natural coastal vegetation and wildlife.

The club has a membership of 357.  The membership has shown a steady growth over the years and it is hoped that this trend will continue.